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Campus Hustler Final

The Campus Hustler Pt. II

After over a year of blogging and seeing the success stories of guys who read my book and blog posts pile up in my inbox, I can honestly say I couldn’t be more happy with the results this blog has begun producing already.   The whole idea of this blog came out of a thought I had while walking on…


Timeline of Living at School Over the Summer

Week 1 School’s out. Cue the Alice Cooper montage and paper burning. That wonderful feeling of finally being free from the duct tape and ball gag of higher education is hitting you hard and it feels good. You move out of the fraternity house and straight into your new apartment down the street, with a renovated pool and freshly installed…


The Campus Hustler Pt. II UPDATE

First of all, a BIG congrats to everyone who has donated so far and secured their copy of this life changing work in advance.  You’re buying a product that will take your time in college from average schlepp to universally known baller, and you’re doing it for the price of ONE CASE OF BEER.   The Campus Hustler and The…


4 Tips on Maintaining a Harem in College

College is like it’s own little bubble world.  It does us the wonderful service of harvesting girls from all over and bringing them together into a finite area with a surplus of alcohol and scarcity of moral expectations. Now that we’re pretty well into the fall semester, I’m sure quite a few of my loyal readers have used the knowledge…


The Christian McQueen Show Episode 24

Last night I recorded my first ever podcast. I was graciously invited on by Christian McQueen, co-author of “Campus Hustler” and creator of THE BLOG OF CHRISTIAN MCQUEEN as well as Dagonet, creator of THE QUEST FOR 50, to be on their podcast.   It was, of course, a resounding success.  In this podcast, the guys and I discuss general college…


The Campus Player’s Guide to Making the Grade

I talk a lot about trapping out and laying pipe on campus, but it’s been a while since I’ve covered a bit of the more essential side of college: class.  Your studies are important and getting good grades even more so. While I do know a thing or two about getting it done in the classroom, I’m no Oxford scholar…


4 Tips for Gaming Modern College Girls

Who doesn’t love college? No, not the part where you go to class and do the work, I’m talking about that magical place where, every Fall, thousands of new girls arrive from all over to finally live on their own for the first time.  If you think college “sucks” or “is way too much work” then you need to re-asses…


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