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5 Reasons Why Freshman are the Hottest Girls on Campus

It’s here. After many many weeks of fathers waking up in a cold sweat every night, their worst nightmare finally manifests itself the morning they finally have to drive their pure little princess down to school.   Images of Dan Frockington pouring vodka down his little girl’s throat are only made worse by the sight of “welcome freshman girls” signs as…


How to Build a Reputation on Campus

First entering campus as a freshman is simultaneously the most exciting and dreadful feelings you will ever have.  First, you’re hella excited because freedom is finally upon you, and you get to spend the next 4 months feasting upon the all-you-can-fuck pussy buffet and drinking enough to make Frank Sinatra a bit concerned.  Then again, you aren’t really sure where…


10 Under 10: Cheapest Ways to get Drunk on a Budget

After a grueling summer abroad in the vastly-inferior-to-America continent of Europe, I’m back and ready to get everyone’s momentum going before the beginning of Fall semester.  Start getting psyched boys.   So if you’re not a lazy shit and you read my blog earlier this summer, you probably have spent the last several weeks working.  If not, I suggest you…


The Biggest Freshman Mistake at College Parties

So you managed to harvest a good sized crop of numbers in the first few weeks on campus.  You send a text blast, make pregame plans with two smoking hot freshman blondes, and get your pad in order.  The girls come over, you get buzzed, then you head out to Imma Chugga Kegga fraternity to get shitfaced and have a…


Booze Review of the Week: Four Loko

Every now and again I’ll sit and reflect on how lucky I am to live in the United States.  A country full of opportunity, where we are free to fulfill our dreams however we chose.  A country that (in my extensive European travel experience) pretty much everyone wants to visit/move to at some point.  A country where you are perfectly…


Figure It Out

“FIGURE IT THE FUCK OUT, PLEDGE” These words will remain etched into my memory forever.  Then again, it’s pretty hard to forget something that was repeatedly screamed directly into your ear by a blacked out brother in a dark, cigarette smoke filled fraternity basement while doing wall sits at 2:30am. A traditional fraternity pledge process is something I think every…


What to Eat Before Going Out

“You are what you eat”.  Those words that your mother may have shoved down your throat time and time again when you were stuffing your face with junk food back in the day may have become cliche.  “Eat your vegetables, they’ll make you big and strong” being a close second, I was constantly pestered to eat properly back when I…


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