Shit That Is Overrated By Our Generation

  BREAKING NEWS:  The hive-minded group think of our generation has seemingly rendered low-20’s individuals completely incapable of forming their own opinion about anything.   Quite the tragedy.  Below, I have eloquently outlined the most most overrated shit in our youthful culture.   [Disclaimer: These are simply Soze’s Rants. Do not take offense]   Social Media Likes – a few weeks…


Why You Should Go to a Large State School

  Deciding on a college can be the most important decision you ever make in life.  Well, not quite that far (i.e. MARRIAGE), but it’s pretty damn important. One thing I’ve noticed through bullshitting with friends over the years, is that each and every school has something unique to offer.  Furthermore, each and every kid’s college experience can be vastly different…


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