Author: Hans Dix


The Introvert’s Guide to College Social Life

Here’s something that you all may not know about me. Something so crazy and shocking and outrageous, that it might called my entire authority on the college social game into question. Ready?   I’m an introvert.   And a pretty big one, too.  Myers-Briggs scores me in something of the 95% percentile of introverted personalities of the general population.  …


The College Player Podcast; Episode 1

In the first episode of The College Player Podcast, I’m extremely sleep deprived, coming off a cold, struggle with my editing software, and Soze and I are both mid-homework session.   It’s the first podcast of many, which in the future will hopefully flow better than this.   Enjoy  


The 10 Commandments of College Girlfriends

*DISCLAIMER: This article is for entertainment purposes only. It is not meant to be taken completely serious and is purely based on personal account. Do whatever you want, it’s your life* 1. Thou Shalt Not Get Wifed Before Junior Year – YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT YOU TRULY WANT IN A WOMAN WHEN YOU’RE 18.  Now repeat that to yourself,…


Weekly Email Grab Bag: Random Assorted Questions

This week I’m just gonna dig deep into the bowels of my inbox and answer the stupidest, funniest, and most outrageous questions I’ve received over the last months.  Why?  Because I’m in a class right now that a severely concussed 5th grader could pass with ease, so I’m bored.   Hans Why did you decide to study abroad?  Also, how…


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