The Perfect Christmas Gift: The Campus Hustler I & II

Let’s take it way back to Soze’s freshman year of college.


My initial college experience was not ideal.  You could find me nestled up to my girlfriend at the time, because I had not yet read such scholarly articles like Why You Should Stay Single in College.  I didn’t hit the ground running making tons of friends, either.  In short, I simply didn’t understand how college worked and what it took to be a top dog on campus.


Somewhere along the way, I started having revelations.  I split from my old ways and my old life and eventually figured shit out about midway through my sophomore year and finally started crushing college life when junior year came.  But drunken hookups and forging unforgettable friendships during freshman year?  Never happened for me.


I wasted time. I wasted youth. I wasted opportunity.


Don’t be like freshman Soze.  Young me would’ve done absolutely anything to stumble upon and The Campus Hustler in my early years.


What I’ve come to realize, like myself in my freshman year, is that many guys have incredible potential, but don’t quite have the motivation or knowledge to unlock it.  Luckily, it’s 2015 and there is literally a book to teach you how to get girls, have a great time, and have the best college experience possible.


The Campus Hustler is filled with all the information you need to dominate your college campus.  Want to learn how to properly rush a fraternity?  Want to learn how to become a social phenom from day one?  Want to be the guy with his phone blowing up every Friday afternoon with weekend plans?  Want to learn how to pull those girls that used to seem out of your league?  The Campus Hustler I & II have you covered.


If you have a friend, a brother, or a cousin starting college or currently in college – buy them The Campus Hustler.  It makes for the perfect holiday gift for a young guy trying to get the most of his college experience.  


I wish someone had done it for me.


He’ll thank you and pay you back by buying you a beer someday while reminiscing on his the time of his life.


You can purchase The Campus Hustler Pt. I HERE


You can purchase The Campus Hustler Pt. II HERE


Happy Holidays fellas


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