How to Meet Girls Before you Get to Campus

In August of 2011, I was en route to campus for my freshman year.  Adrenaline and dopamine was coursing through my body like a triple shot of espresso and half a pack of cigarettes.  I was so ready for the river of alcohol and the poosy paradise that I couldn’t sit still in the car.

I had only once set foot on the hallowed ground once before for summer orientation.  I had never attended a party on campus before.  I hadn’t been to any frat houses, spit any game, and didn’t even know where the parties were.  As far as social aspects went, I was completely lost, because I didn’t have a resource like CAMPUS HUSTLER at my disposal.

But what I DID have, was about two dozen numbers of hot freshman girls in my phone.

I had never met these girls in person.  We didn’t have any mutual friends.  But alas, I had their numbers and they had mine.

How did I manage to do this?  One simple resource that even my dumbass freshman self was able to figure out.


Most if not all colleges these days will have a page for incoming freshman set up sometime early in the summer.  Luckily the page for my class caught on pretty well, with almost 2,500+ people giving it a “like”.

This page is a motherfucking GOLDMINE.  Once early July rolls around, there will probably be well over 1-2 thousand people who are following the page.  And since you can go in and see all the people who like it, you can prematurely browse the profiles of what you have to work with this year.

How do you handle this?

Go through the member list and send a friend request to EVERY HOT GIRL.  Yes, every single one. Kinda like tinder, this is a numbers game.  The more girls you add, the more will accept, thus you will have more to work with.

Once they accept, wait a couple days.  Don’t come off as a creepy fuck.  Once the days have passed, go through the recently added girls and message them.  Open with something interesting, like asking what dorm they’re living in or if they’ve ever visited campus before.  Spit fire game, land some numbers, and boom.  You’ve got a menagerie of prospects on deck the moment you get to school. 

When you do this, make sure your Facebook pictures are up to snuff.  Similar to online Tinder, putting your best foot forward gives you a distinct advantage, since it’s the only thing a girl will have to go on when you are talking to them.


KEEP IN MIND you aren’t going to fuck every girl you add.  You probably won’t even meet up with 2/3 of the girls you talk to.  Unless you look like David Beckham and Zac Efron’s love child, there is going to be a staggering drop with each stage of this process.

My numbers still looked something like this.

  • Added: 300
  • Accepted: 150
  • Responded positively: 50
  • Copped number: 20-25
  • Pregamed/partied: 12-15
  • Fucked: 8

I only sealed the deal with 1 out of every ~40 girls I added, and I consider that a success.  Like I said, numbers is everything.

This is why it’s so important to get in as many adds/messages as you possibly can.  The more girls you contact ahead of time, the more numbers you will arrive to campus with, the more pussy you can run through while girls are still in that “I must sit on every dick I see” phase.

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