The Campus Hustler pt. II: Week 2 Update

Writing for the Campus Hustler pt. II is under way and the first portion is already completed.  Congrats to all of you who have gotten in cheap and early so far because this book is gonna be quite the treat.


For those of you eager to see what you’ll be getting, here’s the table of contents, plus descriptions of things you’ll be learning about:

  1. Intro – Collective of the first book
  2. Off Campus and Apartment Living – The basics, how to find the best apartment, how it compares to dorm living, and the change in social life it brings on
  3. Pimping Your Pad – Tricking out your apartment, making it party friendly, and keeping it inviting for girls
  4. Getting College Bars on Lock – College towns and big cities are two COMPLETELY different worlds that require different strategies.  Learn how to become a downtown boss and never pay for a drink again
  5. College Town Bar Game – Locking down your status and applying it towards swooping mass amounts of easy college sluts
  6. Dirty Rush – At request of many, I’m extending the rush chapter from the previous book into a new segment “Dirty Rush”.  Learn how to get in early, bypass the bullshit, and get to boning in the frat basement before you’re even initiated with this complete method
  7. Trips to Other Schools – An overview of what kind of events are worth going to, highlights of certain nationally acclaimed events, and how to play it right to bang for some roof.
  8. Living on Campus with a Girlfriend – How to handle girlfriend life on campus, when to get into a relationship, and under what circumstances.
  9. Spring Break – Collective of inside data from big spring break spots, the truth and lies about what goes on on spring break, and how to play it right.
  10. Life as Old Balls – Stories and lifestyle advice from not only myself, but my friends on how to prevent yourself from puttering out when you reach Junior/Senior year


If you have any other topics you think should be included, send me an email at





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