Ever Wanted to Talk to Me? Now You Can

Are you going back to college?

Are you going to college for the first time?

Overwhelmed by what’s going on, what to expect, or how you’re gonna handle the coming year?

Love my shit and wanna get in contact with me?

Let’s talk!

Curious how to meet girls, organize parties and pregames, and become a social powerhouse?

Wonder what joining a fraternity is like, how to do it, and how to not make a total fool of yourself like I’ve seen so many do in the past?

Ever wonder how to trick out your dorm or apartment and take it from boring masturbation den into party/pregame central?

Wanna know how to get college bars on lockdown?

Don’t know how to juggle classes? Dress for class? Handle all the ins and outs that comes with living on campus?

Skype me and you can discuss things like this, or anything else your heart desires, with myself – Hans Dix

Just choose how long you wanna talk to me and I’ll be there for you.  We’ll have a conversation as if it were over a cold Budweiser and a couple Marlboro reds.

I’m not a pickup artist.  I’m not a motivational speaker.  I’m a been there, done that college guy who wants to pass his plethora of experience and wisdom down to you.

$35 for a half hour
Add to Cart


Add to Cart

As soon as you finish up the process I’ll contact you within 1 day, seven days a week, and you can organize your call at your convenience.

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