The Campus Hustler Pt. II UPDATE

First of all, a BIG congrats to everyone who has donated so far and secured their copy of this life changing work in advance.  You’re buying a product that will take your time in college from average schlepp to universally known baller, and you’re doing it for the price of ONE CASE OF BEER.


The Campus Hustler and The Campus Hustler Pt. II are by far the most important textbooks you’ll ever buy.  On top of that, they won’t run you $237.49 at the campus book store only to end up being used mostly as paper weights on your desk. 


Those who bought the first book know that it’s the real deal.  It was endorsed and co-written by my friend Christian McQueen, best selling author of The Alpha Playboy.  The emails I’ve received thus far from guys telling me how much of a difference it made, as well as older dudes who wish they had this kind of knowledge when they were younger warms me to the bone. 


I’m pretty sure most of you current college cats reading this wanna fall into that first category.


The work is currently set for release in about a month.  I’ll most likely release a set date next week, but it will guaranteed be before July 25th.



You donate $15, you get the book the minute it’s released at a significant discount.  Your email address will be recorded and the book will appear in your inbox on release day (Mid-late July, just in time for Fall semester). 

Donate $25 and you get both books (A $40 value).  The first as soon as you get a confirmation email and the second on par with what’s outlined above. 

Donate anything more and you get all the above, plus the good conscience of knowing that you’re helping guys around America go from cheeto crusted dorm dwellers to big men on campus.


I disagree with the whole “College is the best 4 years of your life” thing because if you’re doing it right, your life should be getting constantly better as you get older.  However, I DO agree that doing college RIGHT is extremely important, since it’s a one-off and unless you pull a Van Wilder, you never get to do it again. 


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