I’m Working On The Campus Huster Pt.II: LEARN MORE

After over a year of blogging and seeing the success stories of guys who read my book and blog posts pile up in my inbox, I can honestly say I couldn’t be more happy with the results this blog has begun producing already.

The whole idea of this blog came out of a thought I had while walking on the quad at my school on a bright sunny day, returning to my apartment for a post-class session of afternoon of drinking, debauchery and cavorting with beautiful girls

While dwelling on this, it simply astounded me as to how many dudes I wold always see walking around the quad with defeated looks on their faces.  Trudging through their four years on campus feeling defeated, depressed and worn out by the hyper competitive social atmosphere. 

I’m on a mission to change that.

I’m someone who truly wants to help every man who comes to me transform himself.  I want to take everyone I can from an everyday face in the crowd to that guy that walks around like he’s ten feet tall.  A guy who walks around swinging his dick, knowing he’s the shit.  A guy who get constantly recognized around campus and is always in the know. 

In my first book “The Campus Hustler” I outline the baseline essentials of getting established socially on campus, running shit at parties, and keeping yourself well rounded in order to achieve all your campus goals.  This is all information that will already put you in the ~95% percentile of dudes

But now I’m going beyond that.  I’m extending the Campus Hustler series into a full on guide on how to build, maintain, and dominate all facets of college life, from freshman to super senior year.  


…but I need your help

I have the intangible resources to get this done (i.e. my experience and writing skills).  What I lack is resources. 

I want to make this project the best it can be.  Therefore, I want to invest as much time and effort into this as possible.  The more time I invest, the more quality a product I can deliver.

But I’ve also got various events to plan, operating costs to cover, and bills to pay while I do it.


Here’s the deal

You donate $10, you get the book the minute it’s released at a significant discount (almost 50%!).  Your email address will be recorded and the book will appear in your inbox on release day (Mid-late July, just in time for Fall semester). 

Donate $20 and you get both books.  The first as soon as you get a confirmation and the second on par with what’s outlined above. 

Donate anything more and you get all the above, plus the good conscience of knowing that you’re helping guys around America go from cheeto crusted dorm dwellers to big men on campus.


Also, if you’re a fan of my work, or just want to help me blow this blog up even more, consider a donation to the cause. 

Broke college kids gotta hustle



Updates on the project will be given weekly.  Let’s make this happen.

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