10 Things You Should Never Do as a Freshman

Freshman year is a time for new beginnings.  You’re moving on the from the top of the food chain in high school to become the shit floating around the bottom of the barrel in college.

It’s an exciting experience that I go into about with in MY BOOK.  The summer leading up to freshman year, as well as the first weeks on campus are among the best times you will have in your early adult life.  

However, there can arise an affliction in some young men before they finally head off to the promised land.  For many, this will be the first time living away from the jurisdiction of parents, which means limits and morals that were once imposed will no longer be actively enforced.  To others, it may seem like the opportunities for living a Hollywood style college life.



This is a mistake that I made back during my freshman year.  My ego was so over inflated by the time I hit campus that I believed myself to be the supreme fucking overlord of campus raging almost to the point of delusion.

Having self confidence is good.  However, when you’re hyped up to the point of being dismissive of others who you may deem “below you” (like I foolishly did) then it can cost you social opportunities, friendships, and various other highly beneficial opportunities. 

Be bold, have confidence, but don’t get caught up in that hollywood portrayal of a campus God who people figuratively bow down to.  Especially if you have yet to even drink a beer on campus. 


Nobody is gonna think you’re super hard if you chug half a 30 rack of busch light in an hour if you’re out back puking your stomach out shortly thereafter. 

I cannot stress this enough; learn your fucking limits when it comes to boozing.  Figuring out how to reach and maintain that perfect state of intoxicated is  highly important.  Nobody thinks you’re cool for purposefully getting completely tanked, let alone being that guy stumbling around the party loudly proclaiming just how “totally blacked” you are.


This isn’t high school anymore kiddo; you aren’t scheduled for a rendezvous by the lockers seven times a day anymore.  People have their own shit going on and everything is a lot more spread out. 

Always be talking to girls.  During the day, during parties, during class, everywhere.  I’m not saying you need to open and chat with every single solitary female soul you encounter wherever you go, just make full use of the moment when it presents itself.  Don’t hesitate when your gut is telling you to pounce like a motherfucking tiger.


Coach isn’t around to yell and scream at you about wind sprints until your ears bleed anymore.  You need to be a lot more self-motivated when it comes to fitness and getting out the door to go to the gym.  Lot’s of schools nowadays have beautiful rec centers that accommodate pretty much any type of workout you want to do, and have very generous hours, so there is no excuse for not having the nuts to fit an hour of lifting into your daily schedule. 

My suggestion, find a lifting partner. 


Hungover?  Go to class.  Tired?  Go to class.  Not feeling it?  Go to fucking class. 

Skipping class, especially for some illegitimate reason like a hangover, is just flat out stupid.  What are you gonna do instead? Lay in bed and fuck around on the internet?  You can probably do that in class too and at least be present for the information. 

Not going to class may seem enticing, especially if your alarm goes off and you’re feeling especially groggy that day.  However if you decide to turn it off and just sleep through you will wake up with a nagging guilt and stress over whether you might have missed something important that day, especially if you don’t know anyone in the class. 

Just show up.  Whether you decide to pay attention or not, at least you’re there and able to write down any possibly homework or deadlines that may be announced, leaving your stress levels lower than they would be otherwise.  Also, you learn shit, which is kind of the point of being on campus in the first place.


Even if you don’t really know whether the scene is for you or not, go to rush.  It’s early in the semester and it’s not like you’ve got much else to do on a Saturday afternoon. 

Talk to some guys, eat some free food, and scope the scene a little bit.  Hit up a few parties and have some good times.  You may be surprised at how real and down to earth a lot of the brothers are. 

Just don’t go in guns blazing to rush as Jimmy McHighschoolfratstar who thinks his bid is guaranteed because trust me, it won’t end well. 


There’s a reason the “freshman 15” trope has maintained it’s legitimacy over the years; because it’s damn true.  My freshman year I saw some people swell up like balloons, probably gaining significantly more than 15 lbs.  I’ve seen smoke show 9s go to 5.5s and studs go straight to dad body mode in the course of eight months.  It isn’t pretty.

Learn the basics of proper eating and nutrition, and maintain discipline when fixing your meals.  A few slices of greasy pizza or a fat plate of chicken alfredo is fine every once in a while, but they should be considered a treat or supplement to your normal eating plan, not a staple. 


For the love of god don’t sit on your xbox on weekend nights and observe the social scene entirely from your dorm window for the whole year.  It’s depressing and, believe it or not, harmful. 

Humans are pack animals.  We need social interaction and fun for good mental and physical health.  Going out, making friends, and gathering a network early on will ensure that you have a flourishing and enjoyable time over the next four years. 

When I was a freshman I injured my foot the 3rd week of school and had to stay in for a weekend.  Having to sit there mindlessly entertaining myself on the computer while listening to the joyous yells of people outside having the time of their lives made me sad.  I can’t even imagine people doing that voluntarily EVERY weekend.  


This is not so much a point but rather a personal recommendation.  You are absolutely free to do as you choose when it comes to relationships on campus or otherwise.  Some people prefer the scene, others don’t, and I respect that.

I’ve seen both sides of the spectrum.  I have friends who’s relationships are currently going stronger than ever and who seem genuinely happy, and I love them for it.  On the other hand, I’ve seen dudes suffer at the hands of being tied to a girl while there were so many scantily clad options running around the fraternity house every weekend.  It goes both ways.

While I’ve had close relationships that have lasted more than a few months in college, I’ve never been exclusive with a girl on campus.  This is mainly because of my personal value that if I have an actual girlfriend, I would not cheat on her (although game would still be very much present).  Some guys may disagree with me on that, but to each his own.

Do what you need to do, but trust me when I say that I’ve had an outstanding time on campus without ever being locked down. 


All work no play makes Jack a dull boy.  All play no work gets Jacked kicked out of school.

Some people go to college thinking it’s all fun and games and that school comes pretty far down on the list.  Some of these are the same people who are furiously trying to justify their 1.2 GPA to their parents come semester end. 

The whole point of going out and partying is to celebrate a week’s hard work.  I don’t know about you, but if I haven’t been as productive as I thought I could be that week, the weekend just doesn’t seem as exciting to me, because I’m furiously worrying about what I need to do or what I may have missed. 

Set your goals for the week and work to accomplish them.  I’ve talked before about accomplishing goals leading to a strong feeling of satisfaction and happiness, especially in men.  Once a week of goal achieving comes to an end, everything feels right in the world.  The beer tastes better, the mood is lighter, and the sex is squishier. 

Work hard play hard holds a lot more truth than you may think.




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