4 Tips on Maintaining a Harem in College

College is like it’s own little bubble world.  It does us the wonderful service of harvesting girls from all over and bringing them together into a finite area with a surplus of alcohol and scarcity of moral expectations.

Now that we’re pretty well into the fall semester, I’m sure quite a few of my loyal readers have used the knowledge harvested here to reap consensual entry into multiple young, curious honey glazed ham pockets.  However, now that the first few weeks are over, campus is no longer in a state of mad sexual upheavel with inconsequential one night stands and people getting to know each other exclusively with their ugly bits.  Cliques are starting to form, girls are starting to talk, and your reputation is beginning to matter.

Managing a harem in college is fucking hard.  This isn’t New York City with 8 million people and the odds of two different girls knowing each other is astronomically low.  This is not only a much smaller environment, but one where people in general are ridiculously well connected with the help of the Greek system, twitter, and other social bullshit.

As the year goes on, any decent player will begin to have salt tossed his way by girls he pumped, dumped and threw away like a red solo cup at a frat party.  While this may seem benign in some cases, it can negatively affect you in the long run especially if you’re trying to keep multiple girls on call.  While most girls DO like knowing to a certain extent that you’re a bad motherfucker who could easily go out out and crush some new keister whenever you want, actually regularly doing it is a different story.  A lot of girls will NOT stick around if you keep going out and flaunting the fact that you’re pulling like Chamberlain in their faces.  Girls like thinking they’re special, that they can change you from your player tendencies.

Fuck that shit.

If you want to keep a group of multiple girls on lock, you need to take a certain measure of precaution.

1.  Diversify

“You need to diversify your bonds, nigga.”  Wu-Tang Financial’s words of wisdom apply widely across the spectrum of life’s dilemmas.  If you think you can get away with fucking multiple girls from the same sorority at the same time you’ve got another thing coming.  Sorority girls talk, text, and are generally better connected within their house than the fort knox security team.

This is why you NEED NEED NEED to spread out to several houses AND the non-greek circut.  A lot of guys, especially those in fraternities, tend to “pick” a house they like best and contain their social circle within those confines.

Don’t make this mistake.

The general rule of thumb is that you can be fucking one girl from a sorority house at a time without cock blocking consequences.  While girls within houses my be like secret service to each other’s fun bits, the younger girls generally don’t talk with many girls in other houses on campus.  Therefore, you must spread your efforts out among girls in many different houses.

As for non-greek, this is much less restricted.  If your school is big, chances are good that two random girls you’re seeing don’t know each other.  While you still need to take the following precautions, you can feel free to go on more or less of a running riot in the GDI community.

2.  Screen Their Social Circle

Always be on the lookout for what kind of crowd a girl rolls in.

This is where things get exceedingly tricky with campus harem management.  Everyone seems to know someone somewhere and word about anything spreads faster than a Californian wildfire.  All it takes is for one ignorant snitch to carry that little nugget of ugly ebola-like truth to the wrong person for your shit to come crashing the fuck down.

If it’s a sorority girl, make sure she has no immediate social ties to girls you might be involved with in other sororities.  While it may be known that certain sororities hate each other, that doesn’t mean there aren’t some moles in each house that became BFFLs during rush and still bullshit each others ears off.

A good way to do this is to follow your girls and her friends on twitter.  Get a hint of who they usually socialize with, who her friends talk to, and how they generally roll when the weekend comes around.  It’s a pain to put this process into words, but eventually you will develop a knack for identifying mutually exclusive social circles.

3.  Limit Your Time

You have weights to lift, homework to finish, and a sea of other girls to conquer.

Even if you’re absolutely hounding for a relationship, limit your hanging out to about once a week.  You could make it two, but that’s already pushing it in the beginning.  With all the other shit you have to do, if you’re doing it properly, you should be so busy during the week that girls should take a third row back seat to the other shit you’ve got going on.

I recently made this mistake with one of my girls.  I hung out with her too often off the bat, I even put aside more pressing priorities a few times just to run out and get some action.  I began retreating into the beta bitch boy frame of mind.  Can you guess what happened?

She distanced herself, lost interest, and went out and casually plowed another dude (a friend of mine BTW).  I’m not ashamed to admit I still make mistakes, but it just goes to show that in life, you are ALWAYS learning.

Number deleted, moving on.

4.  Practice Phone Management

Having a firm metaphorical grip on yor phone is so fucking important you don’t even know.  This shit will literally make or break your player efforts, so figure your shit out.

This has not only happened to me, but several friends of mine.  Leaving your phone unlocked or vulnerable when with a girl is like leaving a toddler alone with a live grenade; that shit will blow up and it won’t be pretty.

First of all, a complex password lock is a necessity.  All it takes is for a girl to look over your shoulder once to know that simple weak ass four digit password that you call a security system.  Make that shit complicated as fuck.  It may seem like a pain in the ass at first, but eventually you will become accustomed to it and will unlock it simply through muscle memory.  You can even just choose to turn it on while you’re with a girl, and leave it off while you go about your daily business.

Oh, and if you have an iphone 5s, DO NOT use the fucking fingerprint unlock.  Recently a buddy of mine had a girl press his finger to the button WHILE HE WAS ASLEEP.  That’s some James Bond shit if I ever heard it, but god damn it actually happened.

As for menial things, keep your alerts OFF at least when you’re with a girl.  There’s options on any smart phone to turn off lock screen text banners completely as well as vibrations or sound notifications.  Even if you’re getting calls or texts, it’s easily possible to make it look like your phone is dead silent and nothing is going on.

Your phone is your most valuable everyday tool, make sure to keep it secure.

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  One thought on “4 Tips on Maintaining a Harem in College

  1. October 4, 2014 at 11:14 am

    I just told a buddy about the iPhone 5S fingerprint unlock option and told him to not use it for the exact reason you said. These girls are hysterical.

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