The 5 Most Common Texts From Girls (And How To Respond )

So if you’ve successfully gathered your balls and been making your approaches so far this semester, or even just hit a few parties, you’ve probably gathered a few numbers at this point.  Even though I reviewed general texting principles in MY BOOK, you might be wondering how exactly you can bring your all around text game skill to the next level.

Well, your boy Hans always knows the way.

My friend Christian McQueen has just the product for you. 


For those of you who aren’t familiar with his blog you can find it HERE.  Christian consistently drops hella game knowledge and this book is no exception.  Texting has become a main form of communication in our society, and there’s a surplus of guys who go about it completely the wrong way.  This book is here to change that, loaded with 69 pages of pure knowledge on bringing your game up a notch and preparing you to kill it where most men would shit the bed.

For those of you ready to bring your texting skills to the next level, go HERE to learn more.

In the spirit of college starting, Christian is hooking you guys up with a hard hitting sample chapter straight from the book. Enjoy.


As any seasoned player knows, after you date a significant amount of girls, you’ll find that their text messages start to all sound like they’re coming from the same girl. In other words, it’ll appear they’re following a script. As girls get increasingly more attention, simply for being girls, then they have less motivation to put effort into being original. You of course, can feel free to call them out on their trite responses, as I will show you right now.

Below are very common texts that you will receive from girls, guaranteed. Remember what the key component of Text Game is? Holding Frame. The moment you start jumping at her demands and playing into her Frame through text, is the moment you’re dead in the water and the interaction will stop at texting.

Remember, there is a difference between answering a question like a normal human being and being annoying. Deflect enough questions and it will be harder to build comfort. Answer too many questions straight and you will fall into the average male texter group. Practice will teach you the right balance, but when in doubt, always always always choose to not be boring.

NOTE: The lack of punctuation is INTENTIONAL. Each text response written in here is exactly how you should text it. If you’re a grammar nazi and feel the need to use proper grammar, feel free, but the results may not be the same.

1. “So…you must have a lot of girls huh?”

This is a shit test. Sample responses:

You: “i’m only dating 42 girls now, but I may make you 43” (Agree + Amplifying)

You: “nah. I’m actually a monk and a virgin” (Obvious sarcasm leaves her wondering)

You: “who is this?” (Great comeback which ‘answers’ her question + gets her mind reeling)

You: “k” (A brush off that you know where she’s going with it and you could care less)

You: “between my 2 wives and 3 Gfs I’d say so” (Obvious sarcasm that is a classic)

You: “can’t keep em away. Angeline Jolie is calling me BRB” (More playful sarcasm)

The key with these responses is that you don’t actually respond in a logical manner. If you go beta and start explaining that she’s ‘special’ and you don’t really date, you’ll cause her to lose attraction for you in a millisecond. Keep it light, playful and allow her imagination to do most of the work. Girls know when a guy has options and are drawn to men like that, but in the beginning you don’t have to remind them blatantly. Lightly hinting at it is effective enough.

2. “So what do you do for fun?”

One of the most retarded questions but inevitable. Sample responses:

You: “when i’m not conquering the world or saving damsels in distress…” (The phrase ‘saving damsels in distress’ does not sound like a White Knight phrase, it conjures up thoughts of other girls being in your life and that you’re living an exciting adventurous life)

You: “sex” (This simple blunt response is a quick escalation into sexual conversation. She will either bite or not. If she does quickly then her interest level is high)

You: “rob banks” (Clearly a dry joke that lets off a slight ‘bad-boy’ image.)

You: “have u come over and drink this bottle of wine w/me” (Another quick escalation text that will gauge her interest quickly. This text is obviously dependent on what time of day she texts you)

You: “yawn” (The ‘Yawn’ text response is one of my favorites and very effective. It essentially sets the tone that she’s being boring and to step up her ‘game’. Girls will often rise to the challenge and drop the stale questions for something more exciting)

3. “So when are you taking me to dinner?”

This is a big shit test trying to determine if you’re a Beta Provider or a Alpha Male she wants to sleep with immediately). Sample responses:

You: “right after you cook” (Re-sets the Frame so that she must please you and not you please her)

You: “I’m on a 30 day liquid diet. Vodka and whiskey” (A lighter playful deflection that puts the thought of drinking together in her mind. If you’re wanting quick sex than it’s key to be thought of as the Good-Time-Guy and not the Provider-Boyfriend Role.)

You: “when my food stamps card renews” (NOTE: Only use if it’s OBVIOUS that you are well to do financially, or otherwise it’s not funny and the humor will go over her head. If you have money and say this, then it’s humorous)

You: “Salvation Army has free meals every night at 7p. Lemme kno how it is” (This is a harsher reply that can work when her attraction to you is high. It’s obvious that you’re not going to be a meal ticket and she can decide if she’s going to continue talking with you or not. This is an excellent way to weed out the gold-diggers from the girls DTF)

You: “dinner? Havent even seen u naked yet doll” (A Re-Frame laying down the law in a playful manner, that she isn’t getting dinner until you’ve sampled the ‘goods’ first)

You: “Cooking dinner in a couple hours. Come over.” (If you want to get the girl to your pad and you’re already cooking dinner, then there’s nothing wrong with having her come over to eat. Have some wine, cook, eat and then see where the evening goes.)

4. “I don’t have sex on the first date, just so you know!”

Sample responses:

You: “good. I treasure my virginity” (The more of a rascal that you appear, the better this goes over. Treating her like a bratty sister is the key to handling a live-wire like this text that girls send when their hamster is spinning at warp speed. Let me tell you, when a girl brings up sex, whether about having it with you, or NOT having it, the reality is, is that sex is on her mind and specifically sex with you. That’s good. The key is to play it cool, smooth and non-needy.)

You: “its clear where ur mind is doll” (Blame-Shift: you’re softly letting her know that you know what she’s thinking but in a playful way. You don’t want to appear that you’re passing judgment on her at all.)

You: “woah there. I dont have sex until 25 dates in” (Another obvious joke but said in a way that is almost slightly condescending towards her ‘prudish’ attitude towards sex. Makes you appear to be the ‘victim’ of her sexuality and not you being the pursuer of it.)

You: “good im too tired to fuck anyway. Long night” (This is a great one, because she’ll wonder what you were doing the night before etc)

You: “same. Haven’t decided yet about you” (This one is brilliant because it instantly Re-Frames and causes her to doubt her attractiveness and whether she is sexually appealing to you. Now she feels the need to get validation and will generally sexualize the date first in order to feel better about herself)

5. “So what do you want from me?”

This can be a shit test’ or not, depending on her interest level in you. Either way treat it as one. Sample Responses:

You: “constant devotion and $100k” (If she’s actually wealthy than skip this response. Wealthy people tend to be sensitive to any type of jokes regarding giving a ‘stranger’ money. If she’s of average income or below, then this is humorous and lightens the mood from her serious question)

You: “just your soul baby your soul” (Again, funny and mocks her seriousness)

You: “your legs in the air” (If you have built the proper comfort than this is funny and sexual at the same time)

You: “on ur knees and mouth wide open” (Again, funny and sexual)

You: “come over and I’ll figure it out” (This is a bold move, but executed properly can be effective in getting her to come over quickly.)

Good luck trying these out and remember, text game is just that, a game. Have fun with it!

  One thought on “The 5 Most Common Texts From Girls (And How To Respond )

  1. Buddy
    August 25, 2014 at 4:35 pm

    A good answer to the last one is also “get on your knees and smile like a donut.” Overall great article haha, fuck I love girls.

  2. Anonymous
    August 28, 2014 at 11:20 am

    Hi Hans, I read your thread about “Mental Health” on the forum and left the following comment. I hope it gives some different perspective on these things.

    I’ve found that spirituality helps keep me grounded and gives me a lot of inner peace. I had a somewhat fucked up childhood and teenage years- living the American dream and living in a very rich area of America. At the same time I began to notice that none of these material things could fill the void inside. Only a spiritual practice can do that, or at least do it completely.

    Maybe I’m just a spoiled rich kid who never had to worry about money but I’ve seen firsthand how living a materialistic lifestyle will never satisfy you. The good news is, America has tons of yoga teachers, new age people, etc. If you’re looking for a spiritual practice there is no need to go travel to India, you can learn from the very large number of spiritual disciplines that are available in America.

    David Lynch, for example, started practicing Transcendental Meditation in the 70s. I’m a bit wary of large organizations but I googled what their practice is, and it is as follows. Twice a day, once in the morning and once at night, for 10 minutes, you silently repeat a mantra in your mind, not verbally outloud. The way I see it, there’s no need to pay money to learn such things. I googled “common mantras” and found a huge list of mantras. Just choose one and set your stopwatch for 10 minutes and just sit there and silently repeat the mantra in your mind, mentally, not verbally.

    It’s like a cooling ointment for the mind. It calms down the mind.

    One thing you’ll definitely want to avoid is taking psychiatric drugs. I’m sure you’re smart enough to already know this, but psychiatry is mostly a bogus science that is promoted by Big Pharma in order to give them a “scientific” justification to sell tens of billions of dollars worth of psychiatric drugs a year to people. And a lot of independent research shows that psychiatric drugs cause tremendous harm to your body. The real reason why so many people feel unhappy in America is because they have a void within that they cannot fill with materialism. It’s the cultural environment that makes people so discontent.

    It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.
    -Jiddu Krishnamurti

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