*RE-FEATURE* The First Few Weeks of School


The day has finally come. As you load the last pieces of luggage into your dad’s truck, the constant flow of adrenaline that’s been flowing through your body like heroin is finally reaching a boiling point, and rightfully so. You are about to embark on some of the best years of your life.

I know this feeling all too well. The exhilaration and excitement you get during the drive to campus is still unmatched by any other sensation I have yet to experience. It’s complete euphoria, and all you incoming freshman are in for a real treat come August.



The first few weeks of school are the highlight of every year. The combination of circumstances makes it the absolute best time to be on campus. Because of this, you need to hit the ground running the moment you set foot on campus. The proverbial clay is as wet as it will ever be right now, and it will only get drier as the weeks progress.

Let’s cover exactly why the beginning of fall semester is so important.

Freshman girls

The most desirable group of girls on a college campus is and will always be the freshman. This is a fact that many older girls usually have trouble swallowing, even though they had no trouble swallowing half a fraternity house during THEIR freshman year.

The key here is to identify what the girls want and make it obvious that you have access to that resource. Since these girls are new to the scene, they are eager to get involved in anything that presents excitement. They don’t know where anything is or where the parties are, and you better believe they want to know. Thus, in the early weeks, inviting a girl and her friends to a party will almost certainly be met with enthusiastic approval.   A great majority of girls are looking to start heading out on day one, so the sooner you have your party locations on lock, the better.


Depending on the size of your school, you will have anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand new girls on campus. With numbers like this, don’t limit yourself to just a few approaches. You need to talk to every girl you think is hot, and make damn sure she has hot friends. Once you make a name for yourself as “that guy who knows where all the parties are” you will have girls blowing up your phone six nights a week. From that point on, your job gets a whole lot easier, and you will be the one who picks and chooses.

Another great aspect is that these girls have not yet gotten a chance to build a large network between one another. They may have their group of girls they met on their floor that week and will go out partying with, but not much beyond that. This assists dramatically in your ability to talk to one girl after another, since you don’t have any sort of player reputation (yet) and are thus a bit less intimidating.


The weather is awesome

In most regions of America, and especially in the Midwest, the weather quality peaks in August-September. The sun will be shining almost every day with a steady high of around 80. This plays a huge assist for building yourself up in the beginning.

Firstly, girls will be out and about enjoying the nice weather, tanning, and checking out the campus. This is an optimal time to run day game and harvest some numbers for the weekend. It doesn’t matter if she’s with a group, walking by herself or laying on a towel, approach and start a conversation. Not a single girl ever leaves their dorm during this time and thinks, “Man, I really hope I don’t get approached by some hot, confident guy and invited to a party.” Most of the reason the girls are out is because they are looking for exactly this. You are doing them and yourself a disservice by NOT approaching them.

Second, nice weather on a college campus means day drinking. Fraternities campus-wide will be spending both welcome week and syllabus week partying and playing front yard games (bags, etc.) at their houses. This is a prime time to meet some guys before official rush starts, and as long as you can hold a good conversation and don’t try too hard, they will invite you to party at their house later that night. While they will supply you with free booze, I will guarantee that they will request you bring some girls.

This is where all your day game comes in handy. Shooting off a text to however many girls you met and are interested in that there is a party tonight at XYZ fraternity wins you points from the get go. With 90% of freshman girls, the buzzword “[frat] party” will immediately pique their interest, and they will subconsciously label you a high value man with connections. That one kid who nervously asked her to the floor sober event? Already forgotten.

Tons of free shit

While this is not nearly as important as the first two, it’s usually a good idea to capitalize on all the free stuff you can get this time of year. The university will have booths at various points on campus giving away various items to try and promote events. While you will almost certainly not be attending, try to snag as many of the following items as you can:

  • T Shirts: Girls will want a shirt the morning after. Better one of these than a nice one of yours.
  • Condoms: Buying condoms can get expensive. Grab a fistful from the bowl at the student health services booth and you’ll be covered for the weekend. If you can’t find a booth, just go straight to the on campus student health building and ask for some. During my entire time in school so far, I have not had to pay for a single condom.
  • Cups: Sounds strange but trust me. Great for pre games. Make sure you always have some available.
  • Coupons for free food: You may be lucky enough to stumble upon some of these magical tickets. If you do, take as many as you can. I’ve gotten several free burritos, burgers and pizzas from local restaurants just by being on my game with these.

Remember, more crazy shit, drunken hookups, and amazing nights happen during the first two months than the rest of the year put together.  Make the absolute most of this time, or regret it later on.

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