The Biggest Freshman Mistake at College Parties

So you managed to harvest a good sized crop of numbers in the first few weeks on campus.  You send a text blast, make pregame plans with two smoking hot freshman blondes, and get your pad in order.  The girls come over, you get buzzed, then you head out to Imma Chugga Kegga fraternity to get shitfaced and have a killer night.  You feel on top of the world. 

However, as the night goes on, things start to go a bit south.  You notice your lady companions are giving you less and less attention with each shot that you take.  “What’s going on?”  You think.  “I’ve we’ve been hanging out all night taking shots, why am I not getting a vibe?”.  You then notice your girl staring lustfully at the tall, jacked Kegga brother in the middle of the room, currently pantomiming a sex act accompanying a story, all to roaring laughter from brothers all around. 

Eventually, the girls break free from you and go to hang out with a few brothers in their room, which they slam in your face and lock when you try to enter.  What the fuck?  You just spent all night entertaining them and giving them your alcohol, why did they just leave like that?  Furiously trying to drive the image of your ladies getting pile driven by two Chad Thundercocks out of your mind, you hang your head and walk home alone, preparing for the familiar evening off “League of Legends” and masturbation.  

You fell victim to the mistake 99% of freshman idiots will make routinely throughout the first few months of college.

“What? How could you possibly fuck up when you already bring two hot girls to a frat party?”

By avoiding the natural tendency that you WILL feel when you hit your first crowded party during welcome week.


I see this every damn fall, prominently during the first two months of the school year.  Dude(s) show up to a party with a few girls, and spent the ENTIRE TIME just following the girls around, not doing anything really other than standing guard and making sure to give sour looks at other dudes who try and hit on them.  

Girls resent this like fucking crazy.  While they may give off the vibe that they like having you constantly around to feed them shots while you follow them from room to room hunched over like Quasimodo, you are actively friend-zoning yourself.  The moment you begin making your night mission to cater to your lovely women and follow them around is when they flip the switch and begin the hunt for dominant pipe.  


What should I do instead? I don’t wanna lose the girls to the night…”

Socializing and focusing on rapport with girls should be done early in the night/at pregames.  If enough rapport has been built and she knows you’re the shit by the time you all roll out, the situation will take care of itself. 

You can go drink and bullshit with the guys, do keg stands, piss out the window, take shot lines, whatever you want.  If your girl is sufficiently attracted to you based on previously built rapport, then she will go out of her way to find you later in the night.

Not only this, but the fact that you AREN’T puppy dogging around and are instead bringing life to the party as a whole will make here a thousand times more attracted to you.  When she’s had enough shots from her party-orbiter and is finally ready to be split in half like the red sea, she’ll be looking for you to be her Moses.

In short:  YOU LEAD; THEY FOLLOWIt’s a natural female tendency, and they love you if you fulfill it for them.


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