Don’t Drop Frame for “Relationship Material”

So you’ve got your game down tight and hit campus with the mindset that you rule the motherfucking universe because you bought CAMPUS HUSTLER.  You spend the first month or two pounding fireball shots five nights a week and crushing every piece of ass that looks at you twice.  You are on top of the world.

Around the end of October, you get to know a girl.  You have her number because you approached her after class.  After some casual conversation, you realize there’s something about this girl.  It may be the way carries herself, her well spoken manner, or maybe just because she’s more sweltering hot than a Saudi Sikh in July.  Regardless of what it is, you unknowingly let your guard down, and she begins to get in your head.  You decide that this one is just “different” than all the other girls you’ve been casually turning out for the last two months.  You decide you might give a relationship a try; thus, you let your guard down.

You begin texting her all day every day.  You get alcohol for her, even though she doesn’t always use it to party with you.  There are many weekend nights where she goes simply radio silent after 10pm.  You don’t get it, you’re not treating this girl like one of the others you just want to bang, why aren’t we building a better emotional connection?  Eventually, she just starts giving you one word text responses, acts passively with you in public, and eventually stops talking to you altogether.  You have fallen back into your conditioned beta ways for the sake of a relationship, and this is a tragic mistake far too many men (including myself) have made and will continue to make.


When you first build a relationship with a girl, the thought at the forefront of your mind should NEVER be that you could see yourself in a relationship with her.  She is, of course, a human being worthy of dignity and respect, but you need to internalize the concept that, at first, she is just a casual companion to enjoy some time with and for accompaniment to various fun events. You have a slew of personal goals that vastly overshadow the current need for a girlfriend.  Placating a girl you consider to be “relationship material” just for the sake of hopefully ending up with her not only cuts into your valuable time, but in this day and age will ACTIVELY drive her away and encourage her to search for pipe elsewhere.

To sum it up, you need to treat every girl you meet, no matter how hot, smart, etc. with the same general manner.  I’m not saying neg the shit out of her and call her a fat ugly pig all the time, but ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS maintain the two all powerful Alpha male traits; ABUNDANCE MENTALITY and AMUSED MASTERY.

If you maintain this mindset, along with good dynamic game, eventually a diamond in the rough MAY be uncovered.  You may end up finding a girl with whom you click very well, have crazy porn star style sex with, embraces her femininity and is happy to be with you to complement your life, then chain up at your discretion.  It’s not my personally recommended move, but different strokes for different folks.

Hopefully at this point you have read enough of my blog to know that you shouldn’t get a girlfriend in college period.  Ask anyone from a recent graduate to an old man; if they have a head on their shoulders, they will tell you to avoid commitment on campus like it’s a motherfucking black plague/HIV hybrid.  You have a static FOUR YEARS to run a train on campus, get irresponsibly blacked out on a Wednesday, and sample from the freshman pu-pu platter that the University ever so generously provides each Fall.  Use it wisely.


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