Basic Social Dynamics You Need to Stop Ignoring

I already caught a lot of heat for my second article General Campus Day Game Pt.1.  It seems that the slightest push against the status quo will cause people to start whining.

The reason a lot of you are here is because you aren’t living the life you want.  By floating along with what society has taught you, you have fallen into the prepackaged McLifestyle that is available to anyone with almost zero effort.  You don’t take risks because your fragile ego is too afraid of failure.  You don’t talk to girls because you don’t consider yourself “good enough”.  You live a boring life, then complain that everyone that everyone enjoying theirs is “immature” and “annoying”.

This is a mixed reaction of jealously, frustration and anger.  You see people having the time of their lives (drinking, partying, fucking), and you want to experience the same thing, but you are too feeble minded to build such a life.  You then adopt a “holier than thou” attitude and look down upon these people, under the premise that all the time spent isolated in your room studying will somehow make you wildly more successful than them one day.  Breaking news: It does the opposite.

Below are some things you need to realize that, once processed and understood, will make you both happier and more successful.


I saw it in middle school.  I saw it in high school.  Now, I still see it in college.  Droves of out of shape, unkempt, out of style guys walking like zombies from class to library to dorm, making no effort to befriend people or approach girls.  They are so zoned in on their schoolwork, getting that A is absolutely everything to them.

On Fridays they see groups of people going out; laughing and conversing about the week, ready for an exciting night of dollar shots and drunk sex.  They scoff at these people, assuring themselves that once they conclude their studies, they will be automatically richer and more successful than them.  They fail to realize that these people decided to get their homework done that afternoon, while you were busy playing WoW in your tighty whities.

My GPA sits in a meaty part of the bell curve, but when I went to interview for my entry level firm position (which I don’t even start until next year) I was chosen over a heap of applicants with way better grades than me.  Why?  Because I murdered the interview and befriended the recruiter.  I was someone he knew people would want to work with, as well as provide big time personal connections and kill big accounts.

Recruiters will take the charismatic stallion with a 3.2 over the squat nerd pushover with a 4.0.



There’s a girl in your earth science class you think is cute.  You’ve been talking to her for a few weeks, and you finally worked up the courage to ask her number.  You idly text her the next week and eventually ask if you can take her out to the local ice cream joint for a date.  She accepts, and you meet her at the shop at 6PM Thursday night.  You pay for her ice cream and talk about class and your majors.  She keeps mentioning how she’s so glad she found a nice guy like you, how she’s so sick of douche bag jocks and players, and you assure her that you will treat her like the princess she is.  She blushes and kisses you on the cheek as you leave the store.  You walk her to her dorm, she gives you a hug, and thanks you, saying she will see you in class on Monday.  Beaming, you go back to your room, eagerly looking forward to Monday’s lesson, where you debate asking her out for a formal dinner.

That night, the same girl attends a frat party down the street with her girlfriends.  It is a large house and the party is in full swing.  She joins her friends in a room with a group of muscular, well dressed men who are drinking beers, blasting rap music and watching ultimate fighting.  One of the men, statuesque and well groomed, introduces himself to her while his friends do the same with her girlfriends.  He casually suggests they go take shots, and she eagerly complies.

After four shots of fireball, much making out, grinding and loud boisterous entertainment, the girl is hanging on her new suitor’s arm, giving him a wide eyed look of desire.  The man, recognizing this instinctively, says nothing and grabs her by the hand, leading her to his room.  Upon entering they immediately get undressed and have consensual sex without a condom.  The young lady is as happy as she has ever been, moaning in supreme pleasure as her alpha wolf partner rocks her world.  While in doggy style, he casually lights up a cigarette, and grabs his phone to send a text blast to his fresh prospects he met that week.  While still pumping he checks his march madness bracket, cursing Rick Pitino and Kentucky in general.

This whole time, you are sitting at your desk in your dorm, playing league of legends and raving to your online friends about the awesome new girl you met today, and all the exciting things you have planned with her.



This is not an isolated incident.  I have personally witnessed shit just like this countless times.  Just because a girl insists she “isn’t like that” doesn’t mean she isn’t a sucker for fun times.

This is why you NEED to close as soon as possible.  You need to convert on the first date or else she will subconsciously label you a meal ticket, and continue to let you take her out without putting out.

You don’t need to be hosting the party.  You don’t even need to live at the party house.  You can seal the deal on site and easily grab a cab or DD back to your place to get the bang.  This is also another reason why it is so important to have a major party house/destination at your disposal (to be covered soon).


The title says it all, it’s really basic and honestly shouldn’t still need to be explained.

The fact that this subject is so taboo is really fucking stupid.  People argue left and right today that the Alpha-Beta complex has been phased out, that our progressive society no longer abides by it.  Fact is, it’s an evolutionary pattern that has kept human life thriving for millions of years.

There are three factors contribute most to this: Wealth, Attractiveness, and Social Status.  A man who is tall, muscular, tan, well groomed, wealthy, has high status friends, has goals, who is always busy, and is well spoken is a well rounded alpha male.  A man who is fat, pasty, poorly groomed, has no income, no friends, no goals, always available and stammers when talking is a Beta.  Which one do you think women want?


“But Hans!  I’m nice to girls!  I treat them like queens, buy them nice dinners, and am there for them when they get dumped by some asshole.  And they say I’m special for that!”

Sorry pal, but that shit dries a girl’s snatch up faster than a Dyson Airblade. Adjusting your personality and life to fit a girl’s needs is Playing Into Her Frame and will make her automatically lose respect for you.  Girls want a dominant man, who lives for himself and doesn’t take their shit.

Which leads to the next point.


The sad fact is, that a staggering amount of women nowadays think their pussy is all they need to make it in life, so they slack on developing themselves into anything wholesome.  They can’t cook or clean because feminism says they don’t have to.  They aren’t educated because they hate school and are only there because society tells them to.  They HATE being treated like queens. They want a dominant male who lives for himself and doesn’t take their shit.  It turns them on, don’t ask me why.

“Gender Equality” is a myth.  All women naturally want the man to be the leader in the relationship.  If you insist on being “equals” and you subordinate yourself, the girl will lose respect for you, and will almost certainly cheat on you (see; harsh reality).  Of my friends who currently have girlfriends, all of them assume the dominant role.  They are also all in healthy, happy relationships.


Although all of this is more or less basic knowledge, it is my hope that it helps even just a few people reflect inwards and analyze the way they are currently living.  Remember, you only get four years, make the most of them.



  One thought on “Basic Social Dynamics You Need to Stop Ignoring

  1. Robert
    April 3, 2014 at 4:20 am

    Just wanted to let you know that this is getting reads and I’m enjoying it, so keep putting stuff out!

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